Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

Comprehensive Wedding Planning
(where we think of everything)

Our business has grown from strength to strength, we think, because we are more than just the average wedding planner. Our owner, Emma, comes from a background of Urban Planning & Project Management, so inherently adds loads of organisational value to every wedding and event. Our solid planning and project management foundation allows us to build incredible weddings from the ground up, providing not only planning, but event design, styling, floral design, on-the-day coordination, and now hire items too!

The following quote could not be more true for weddings. When we plan a wedding, we take into account every element – every critical timeframe, every tiny detail. It can be a time consuming and messy task, but when the outcome is an outstanding wedding, seamlessly composed and perfectly executed by all vendors involved, we think it is totally worth it.

“Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation”


Our Comprehensive Wedding Planning service, affectionately known by us as the ‘Complete Picture‘ package, is designed to help you truly enjoy the process of planning your wedding. You will be sleeping peacefully knowing that every little detail of your wedding has been examined by an extra pair of eyes and has a professional helping hand to see it through.

This bespoke package is tailored specifically to meet your needs and the scale of help you require. As experienced wedding planners with a mind for organisation and an eye for detail, we have all areas of your wedding covered. From the big ticket items, like finding & booking a venue, sourcing high-quality vendors and choosing a photographer, right down to the smallest details, like placing a cushion on your grandmother’s chair, we have the tools, industry connections and expertise to ensure your wedding is planned and executed perfectly.

Our all-hands-on-deck approach ensures that we are your partners throughout your wedding journey and can tackle every challenge with confidence and gusto. The best bit? You will be completely in control of your wedding direction, while we take care of all the pesky and time-consuming tasks!

Read more about the details of our wedding planning service below.

Our Comprehensive Wedding Planning service includes:

  • Complete project management of your wedding, including tracking due dates, and preparation of a major deadline list & a timeframe guide (ie guide for when to start thinking about each element of your wedding)
  • Assistance finding and booking a wedding venue that suits both your personalities and your wedding theme. When helping you select a venue, we consider the venue location, venue style, guest capacity, availability, cost, and track-record
  • Creative consultation in development of wedding styling theme + mood board production
  • Detailed design of reception, including furniture, tablescape, place settings, guest favours, centrepiece design & bridal table design
  • Detailed design of ceremony, including furniture, arbour, layout & placement, guest seating plan, and floral scheme
  • A comprehensive list of highly-recommended suppliers & vendors for all elements of your wedding, including celebrants, hair & makeup artists, food & beverage vendors, cake and dessert suppliers, various entertainment options, stationery suppliers, photographers and videographers, transportation options, and even the best places to source attire
  • Sourcing costing/quotes and checking availability of suppliers/vendors
  • Assistance with booking vendors
  • Management of vendor communications
  • Production of a floorplan/venue map
  • Assistance with producing a guest seating plan – use of our seating plan template
  • Assistance with making decisions regarding your budget
  • Organisation of a wedding rehearsal
  • Assistance with tracking your RSVPs, if desired
  • Face-to-face meetings, including one on-site meeting
  • Unlimited email correspondence
  • If desired, Facebook messenger conversations to ensure ease of communication and total teamwork

What goes into Wedding Administration & Management?

Probably some of the least enjoyable tasks for a bride & groom planning a wedding are managing key timeframes & due dates, preparing wedding day layouts & schedules, keeping track of the budget, chasing vendors, and dealing with the seemingly limitless tasks that occur on an increasingly frequent basis as the big day approaches.

Couples often ask us how employing a wedding planner can save them money in the long run. Yes, it’s a great question! Wedding Planners are perfect for couples who have great taste and big dreams but aren’t sure where to start. We are also super helpful to couples who are planning their wedding from afar, as we are your professional assistants on the ground! When a wedding planner is involved, we can use our industry connections to find the best quality vendors for your big day, help you get discounts with our affiliates, help you decide what is most worthwhile spending money on and where you can best make savings.

Our experienced wedding planners are there to attend meetings, handle paperwork, coordinate with local vendors and suppliers, and track your budget, payment due dates & deadlines. The risk of not having a wedding planner overseeing all these elements is that you miss items, end up with cost overruns or emergency spends.

We truly are here to reduce the pressure, so we’ll take any pesky or stressful tasks off your hands. You’ll feel confident having our friendly team of experienced staff on your side!

Get to know our Wedding Planner

Our Head Wedding Planner, Emma, is a self-confessed Type A personality (as she puts it, she “get’s off on organisation”). Emma’s favourite part of planning a wedding is getting to know each and every couple getting married.

When starting to plan a wedding, Emma meets with the couple to get to know their dreams & wedding plans, their love story, and their life aspirations. It’s like making new friends nearly every day! As a wedding planner, Emma believes it’s incredibly important to understand the couple, get a sense for who they are and what is important to them when making decisions about their big day. It’s also essential to know what they find stressful and overwhelming, so Emma can minimise the problems to the best of her ability.

If you’d like to meet Emma and discuss your ideas for your dream wedding, be sure to get in touch with her here!

And the picture is complete ...

So your every need is catered for, the Complete Picture package is designed to be combined with all of the following services:

? On-the-day Coordination ?

? Wedding Theming & Design ?

?  Wedding Styling ?

?  Floral Design ?

We offer significant discounts when combining our Wedding Planning service with our Coordination & Styling services.

You can get in touch with us to find out more.