Save money on your wedding flowers with these 5 fantastic tips

There’s no denying it – flowers are one of the most spectacular ways to make an impact at your wedding. But going all out for tons of fresh blooms can end up costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, there are some great ways to incorporate gorgeous florals into your big day without breaking the bank.

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Our favourite ideas are ones that save you money but won’t compromise the look of your wedding. In some cases these cost saving tips will even enhance the style and impact of your big day! Here are our 5 tips for getting the most out of your wedding budget.

1. Choose your flowers wisely

It is a sad fact that some flowers cost more than others. Choosing your flowers carefully will prevent you having to fork out more than necessary. Buying flowers that are in season in your wedding location is the first step to ensuring you keep your costs down. For example, if you are in love with peonies (who can blame you?) and they aren’t in season, it will sometimes cost up to double the cost to have them brought in especially for your wedding. Try supplementing your favourite out-of-season flowers with similar and equally beautiful alternatives. Peonies can be supplemented with large garden roses, Yves Piaget roses, or even carnations. For a great list of alternative flower options, check out this post from Style Me Pretty on getting the “look for less”.

Images: A lovely peony bouquet from Style Me Pretty, a gorgeous Yves Piaget rose and Valencia rose from Eat Drink Garden, and a stunning rose and peony bouquet from Style Me Pretty

Go botanical

Botanical bouquets are a lush alternative to the traditional floral bouquet. The more greenery you include in your bouquets and centrepieces the cheaper they’ll be, as “filler” is a lot less expensive than flowers. These gorgeous bouquets show how amazing the impact of greenery can be! Or you could choose a few feature flowers and complement them with filler, rather than having a bouquet entirely of flowers. We love a bouquet that breaks away from the traditional – we guarantee it’ll be unexpected, super memorable and really show off the beauty of nature!

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Go herbal

Now this is the way to make a statement! Take botanical to the next level by incorporating herbs into your bouquets! Herbs make a great impact (and will smell absolutely divine!). The bonus is that you’ll have flashbacks to your wedding the next time you cook a rosemary lamb roast!

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2. Minimise or reuse your ceremony flowers

Your ceremony is the whole reason you are having this amazing wedding.. it is the part where you actually get married of course! You’ll want this moment to be a ‘happy thought’ for you for the rest of your life. But most likely, your memories will be of the things you say to each other, the meaningful looks, the happy tears, and of course your first kiss as a married couple! So it is definitely ok to tone down the flowers and decorations, so more focus is on the magical moment as you join together for life. Ahh, all of the feels!

So many feels!
So many feels! (Image thanks to One Fab Day)
Co-locate your ceremony & reception

If you are really keen to save money on flowers, consider choosing a reception venue that has on-site ceremony locations and facilities. Not only will your guests love you for cutting down on their travel time on the wedding day, holding your ceremony in the same location as your reception is fabulously economical as your aisle flowers can be moved inside to your reception after your ceremony is complete. Make sure you choose flowers in vases, buckets or jars if you are doing this, as you’ll want to keep them looking fresh and be able to move them quickly & easily after the ceremony.

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Let the location shine

If you are super lucky and your ceremony location has an extra special setting, view or vista, why not let the location speak for itself? Overdoing your decorations is scenic locations can sometimes take away from the spectacular location, so best stick to the rule that “less is more”.

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Use creative alternatives to flowers

These days there are loads of cute, creative and romantic alternatives to flowers as aisle decorations. Lighting, greenery, ribbons, hearts and personalised messages are just a few great ideas that can jazz up your ceremony without costing a bucketload.

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3. Broaden your definition of a bouquet

Bouquets are a fabulous focus for your wedding and no doubt you’ll be taking pictures with your bridal bouquet all day. Sadly, going all out for that massive, trend-setting, jaw-dropping, cascading bouquet will come with a hefty price tag. We think these great money-saving bouquet styles are equally as pretty as the traditional flower-filled bouquet.

“Whimsical” is in!

Bouquets that rock a more “broken down” look often require less flowers for the same size as a very tight bouquet. Whimsical bouquets can also be made up of a variety of flowers, many of which will be cheaper than more traditional flowers like roses and peonies. The relaxed look is very romantic and definitely complements a vintage, beach, boho, woodland or outdoor theme.

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Less is more

The size of your bouquet can also make a big difference to your costs, as does the number of bridesmaids you need to buy bouquets for. Instead of having full size bouquets for your favourite girls, you could have a floral posy which is smaller and has the added bonus of letting your bridal bouquet really shine! For a look that is elegant and paired back, try a single large flower for your bridesmaids, as they have a great impact!

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If you feel like a smaller bouquet will feel bare, why not add a feature flower to your hair that complements the posy or single flower? We guarantee you’ll feel super pretty and feminine (plus you get to carry a flower around with you all day!).

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4. Get creative with your centrepieces

A significant proportion of your flower budget will end up being spent on your reception centerpieces, especially if you choose centrepieces that predominantly feature flowers. We absolutely LOVE stying reception tables, as there are so many options for making them unique, beautiful and memorable. To keep your centrepiece costs down, consider using multiple smaller vases, bottles and jars rather than a single large vessel. Spreading your flowers around between multiple bottles creates the illusions of a sea of flowers, while the number flowers you use is actually much less than a large centrepiece. This option also works well with utilising your ceremony flowers in your reception, as it is easy to add them to the mix of bottles without too much fuss.

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Make the most of your bouquets

It is unlikely that you and your bridesmaids are going to walk around all night holding your bouquets, so why not incorporate them into your centrepieces so they don’t go to waste? We often find the best use for your multiple bouquets is to add them to the bridal table styling to make it that little bit more special, or to use them around the reception room as accents on the guest book, entrance, present or drinks tables. You’ll love seeing your gorgeous flowers as a feature of your evening!

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Centrepieces sans flowers!

A great alternative to having flowers altogether is to shift the styling focus from flowers to fabrics, candles and greenery. Creating texture and interest through your choice of table runner, napkins, tealight holders, place cards, plates, cutlery, etc will create an exciting and unique feel for your wedding reception. In the place of flowers, you can incorporate vines, greenery, fruit, driftwood, or even books into your centrepiece and table styling.

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Same goes for chair garlands and other decorations – they look stunning (and in some cases better) without flowers!

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5. Source your flowers from wholesale suppliers

We work with many couples who are keen to have beautiful flowers feature in their wedding but still want to minimise the costs associated with hiring a florist. Sourcing your flowers through a wholesale supplier or through flower markets will give you peace of mind that you are paying a very reasonable amount for the flowers themselves. Plus, you will know that they are super fresh!

We started our floral styling services to offer couples an alternative to hiring a florist and therefore minimise their expenditure on flowers. Try finding a vendor (or a talented friend or family member!) in your area who could work with wholesale flowers for you and bring your wedding style to life.

Flower market shopping.. we might need a wheelbarrow! {image via Pinterest}
Flower market shopping.. we might need a wheelbarrow!
{image via Pinterest}

Make the memories of your flowers last

Lastly, even though this is not exactly a cost saving tip, reusing or re-purposing your wedding flowers once the big day is over will bring you loads of happiness (which we think is worth more than money!). There are so many wonderful ways to do so, like donating them to a hospital ward to cheer up all the patients, gifting them to special helpers on your wedding day, or even creating amazing DIY keepsakes with them. Check out this post from Wedding Chicks for more great ideas.

Now I think its off to the flower markets for us.. totally inspired by all these amazing arrangements! ♥

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