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Hello! We are Coco & Confetti...

We are stylists, planners, project managers, florists, design junkies, creators & makers.

We found our passion in getting our hands dirty to create amazing events and weddings that are beyond incredible.

Our business is our baby. We may be biased, but we think that our jobs are the best in the world.

Who we are

Coco and Confetti are wedding planners, stylists, floral designers, and coordinators. We provide event hire too. See more about us..


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A little more about us ...

In a nutshell, we deliver wedding & event design, styling, planning & coordination, prop hire & floral design services. When we step out of the nutshell, things get a bit more interesting! Of course, we provide the practical services like budget spreadsheets and run-sheets, but we also get energised and excited over the creative elements, drawing inspiration from our couples to create unique and memorable events.

Styling & floral design to us is more than just putting “stuff” on a table – it’s about creating spaces where every element is allowed to shine, reflecting and exuding our clients’ personalities and making them feel incredible. We want our clients to know that we “get them.”

We would LOVE to help you with your wedding or event! Be sure to get in touch if you want to hear more about how we can help you.

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